Electric bike hire in Grazalema, Andalucia

Hire an electric touring bike and enjoy an amazing day of cycling through the Sierra de Grazalema (Andalucia, Spain). Or go for a long-distance cycle touring trip, where you will discover the beauty of the Andalucian landscape in multiple stages. Each day will offer a big variety in sceneries, and you will be staying in picturesque white villages or historic towns like Ronda overnight.

Whichever direction of the Sierra de Grazalema (Andalucía, southern Spain) you decide to go, you can do so confidently with our electric rental bike. The assistance of our electric rental bike will be there to back you up when the road goes uphill. Moreover, with this bike having won a design&innovation award, you won´t have to worry about your looks either. That is to say, you will be riding a very classy and sophisticated looking e-bike .

Electric Bike Hire Grazalema, Andalucia, Spain

Orbea Gain F20 Electric Bike Hire

Hire an electric bike and you will have the freedom to chose the most beautiful routes through the Sierra de Grazalema (Andalucia, southern Spain), without having to worry about the climbing that comes with cycling in such a scenic, but mountainous area.

The Orbea Gain F20 is a versatile e-bike, suited for several terrains. Meanwhile, the assistance will give you the sense of riding with a tail wind all the time. Isn´t that nice? Are your friends or partner stronger cyclists? This is the ideal solution to keep up with them, or even drop them…

The bike is great on tarmac roads, but can also handle well-maintained dirt tracks. For example, the Vía Verde de la Sierra from Olvera to Puerto Serrano, or gravel roads like the one leading from Grazalema to Zahara de la Sierra, are perfect for the e-bike.

A lightweight e-bike; easy to handle, a joy to ride

Thanks to its low weight (15kg in size M) the Orbea Gain feels and rides like a normal bike. Furthermore, the silent motor in the back wheel does not cause any resistance, which makes it possible to cycle on the flat without needing any assistance.

As a result, you can go further and/or save more battery for the climbing. And that, to be honest, can come in handy when you hire an electric bike to go cycling in the mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema or the hills of Andalucia…

  • Available sizes: XS/S/M/L
  • Shimano 105 compact group set
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Silent Ebikemotion X35 motor, 248 Wh battery
  • Two bottle cages, mini pump
  • Saddle bag with inner tube, tyre levers & multitool
  • Pedals of your choice
E-bike rental prices 2023Price/e-bike/day
1 or 2 days€45.00
3 to 6 days€40.00
7 days or more€35.00
E-bike rental prices 2024Price/e-bike/day
1 or 2 days€45.00
3 or 4 days€40.50
5 or 6 days€38.25
7 days or more€36.00
10 days or more€33.75
14 days or more€31.50

Range Extender

If you would like to do an extra long route with our electric rental bike, or simply have the peace of mind that you won´t run out of battery, no matter how long the climbs on the chosen route may be, then the range extender is an excellent choice. This extra battery can be fitted on the Orbea Gain F20 electric hire bikes, and almost doubles the bike´s battery capacity.

There are many typical Andalucian white villages within a bike ride´s reach from the Sierra de Grazalema, and thanks to the range extender, you can go out with our electric hire bikes to discover these beautiful towns, without having to worry whether you will have enough battery left for the way back.

  • Fitted on the seat post tube
  • Replaces one of the bottle cages
  • Provides an additional 208 Wh of battery capacity
Prices range extenderPrice/bike/day
First day€5.00
Consecutive days€2.50

Bike rack and panniers

If you are thinking about doing a bike packing trip through the beautiful Andalucian countryside, cycling from one white village to the next, then our bike racks and panniers will allow you to bring all the things you need. But the bike rack and panniers are also a great solution if you would like to go for a one-day bike trip in the Sierra de Grazalema and simply don´t want to carry an extra jacket, food, photo camara, etc. on your back.

We offer luggage transfers from one hotel to the other in a broad area here in Andalucia, southern Spain, but if you want to bring some things yourself whilst cycling here, or buy some souvenirs halfway your ride, then these bike racks and panniers, that can be fitted on our electric rental bikes and mountain bikes, are an excellent choice.

  • Bike rack with max. load of 25kg
  • High-quality Basil panniers (2x17L)
  • Bring everything you need comfortably
Prices bike rack + panniersPrice/bike/day
First day€10.00
Consecutive days€2.50

Additional options & accessories

  • Obligatory in Spain
  • Hire (price/helmet/day):
    • 1 or 2 days: €2.00
    • 3 or 4 days: €1.80
    • 5 or 6 days: €1.70
    • 7 days or more: €1.60
    • 10 days or more: €1.50
    • 14 days or more: €1.40
GPS with navigation
  • Follow the route of your choice easily from the screen.
  • Hire (price/GPS/day):
    • 1 or 2 days: €5.00
    • 3 or 4 days: €4.50
    • 5 or 6 days: €4.25
    • 7 days or more: €4.00
    • 10 days or more: €3.75
    • 14 days or more: €3.50
Luggage transfers
  • Cycle from A to B comfortably.
  • The luggage will be waiting at your next accommodation.
  • Tailored to your wishes.
  • Contact us for more information.
  • Included with bike rental.
  • New ones for sale at our shop.
Guided ride
  • Private guided rides, tailored to your preferences & abilities.
  • Check price list
Delivery & collection
  • Delivery & collection of rental bikes at your accommodation.
  • Check price list