Cycling in Andalucia (Spain): Bike routes & Guided Rides


Enjoy Andalucia (Spain) by bike like we do

Each day we enjoy living and riding our bikes in the Sierra de Grazalema, a protected mountain area of spectacular natural beauty in the south of Spain. We therefore know the quiet mountain roads and scenic trails through the impressive Andalusian landscape like the back of our hand. One of the biggest joys of our work is to give other people the chance to enjoy cycling here in Andalucia, southern Spain, as well. Therefore, we are happy to share our knowledge about the best cycling routes in the Sierra de Grazalema and its surroundings with you.

A big variety of routes

In the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and around the famous white villages of Andalucia (Spain) there are great routes for some serious road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding. For example, long climbs are alternated with shorter, punchy hills, often to reach the centre of one of these picturesque villages (Pueblos Blancos). But what goes up, must come down, so you can also expect several amazing descends, both on beautiful tarmac roads as on scenic dirt tracks or steep single tracks. However, if you came here with the idea to mainly rest and relax during your holidays, then there is no need to worry. There are leisure cycling routes to do with your partner, friends or family as well, and a sunny terrace in an idyllic place is never far away…

Guided rides, GPS navigation or route instructions

To help you find the best route(s), we offer three options. First, we organise guided rides for individuals and groups. Second, we offer GPS bike computers with navigation. And last but not least we have booklets with route instructions that fit in the pocket of a cycling jersey and contain all the information to follow a route without any problems. Each of these options can be personalized to your wishes, so that you can make the most out of your time on the bike here and enjoy the cycling in Andalucia (Spain) to the fullest.


Let us show you the best

Anything is possible when you choose for a guided ride with one of the experienced guides of Grazalema Cycling Adventures. You can ride your own bike, or hire a road, mountain or electric bike at our shop in the centre of Grazalema. Furthermore, you can choose for a leisurely ride to one of the nearby villages on an e-bike, an amazing, technical mountain bike route, a beautiful endurance ride on the road bike or anything in between. The choice is yours and we will be happy when you are happy. The goal of our guides is not to get a great training in themselves, but to guide you, support you, lead you, in short: simply help you to have a great day out cycling here in Andalucia (southern Spain).



Prices guided rides (price/group)
Duration 1-2 persons 3-4 persons 5-6 persons
Up to 3 hours €70 €85 €100
Up to 4 hours €90 €110 €130
Up to 5 hours €110 €135 €160
Up to 6 hours €130 €160 €190
Private guided rides to give you the attention you deserve

We like to give our clients the personal attention they deserve. Therefore, the guided rides that we offer are exclusive. This means that it will be just you and your partner, friend(s), family or teammates of your cycling club and the guide. As a result, we can adapt the route to your wishes as much as possible. There is no obligation to join group rides that leave at a set date and time for a set distance, like you might have seen at cycling training camps or holidays in Mallorca or Girona. Instead of you having to fit in, here in Grazalema we adjust our bikes, cycling routes and guided rides so that they fit you.

Freedom at your feet

This individual and personal approach leaves a world of possibilities at your feet. But no worries: we will be right by your side to help you out every step of the way, figuratively and literally. First, we help you to choose the right bike and adjust it for you. Likewise, we can also welcome you in our bike work shop, where you can set up your own bike and where we can lend you our tools - and hands - if needed. Next, we take you out on a route that suits your wishes and level of riding.

Tips from experts, support from friends

During the route we can give you tips on how to improve your cycling or specific parts of it that you would like to work on, and we put our bike mechanic skills to good use on route as well, if necessary. In the meantime we also lead you to natural and cultural highlights and share our favourite cake shops, coffee stops, tapas bars and restaurants with you. And above all we will be a friend you can chat to, a training partner who motivates you to give that little extra, or both at the same time.

When you choose for a guided ride with Grazalema Cycling Adventures through this beautiful part of southern Spain, you get the whole package. You will have the ease of not having to worry about navigation, the joy of interesting background information on the go, and the peace of mind that personal support will be right by your side. Consequently, the guided rides we offer here in Andalucia, are - in our opinion - the best of the three options mentioned here.

Share our love for this beautiful cycling area

But to tell you the truth, leading the guided rides through the Sierra de Grazalema, Serrania de Ronda and the white villages of Andalucia (Pueblos Blancos) is our favourite part of the job. Every time we get to ride our bikes with clients in this amazing part of the world this feels like a privilege. So, this might explain part of our enthausiasm about the guided rides. Meanwhile, the big smiles on our clients´ faces during and after their guided rides with us through the beautiful Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park explain the rest. In short, we love cycling in this amazing area of Andalucia and we are looking forward to sharing these beautiful andventures by bike with you.


Peaceful cycling in Andalucia (Spain)

Do you prefer to keep going at each junction? Or would you like to do one of our mountain bike routes for which it was impossible to write down route instructions? Then it might be a good idea to rent one of our Bryton Rider 450 bike computers with navigation. With this beautiful piece of technology, you won´t need to read maps or route instructions anymore. Thanks to the pre-loaded tracks, you can simply follow the route from the screen of the device.

GPX Tracks of each cycling route available

If you hire a bike from us, then we also offer to share the GPX tracks of the routes we recommend with you. This way you can view and follow the route with your own bike computer, or with an app like Strava, Wikiloc or Komoot on your phone. So don´t worry about how to find the best cycling routes here in Andalucia (southern Spain); we are ready and happy to help you with that.

Price: €5/day

All the data you need

If you use a heart rate strap with Bluetooth or ANT+ connection, the Bryton Rider 450 will pick it up automatically, and if you would like to upload your route to Strava afterwards, then this is possible too. But to be honest; we recommend not to worry about data like distance and average speed too much. Many of our clients cover much more climbing meters when cycling here in the Sierra de Grazalema than they are used to back home. That their average speed is not as high as normal, or that they cover less distance per day of riding, is therefore just a normal consequence of cycling in a mountainous area. Besides; having your eyes on the screen of our GPS bike computer a lot would be a pity, because meanwhile you will be probably missing out on the amazing views during your route.

Routes tailored to your wishes, level & location

It is relatively easy to design new routes, to edit existing ones, and to load the tracks in our GPS bike computers with navigation. As a result, we can make sure that the route on your screen will be a route adapted to your wishes, abilities, and start/finish location. So, if you have special wishes, contact us on beforehand, and we will make sure that we have the bike computer with a personlised route ready for you. The bike computers are very easy in use, so with a couple of short instructions you will be good to go, and following an amazing cycling route through the Sierra de Grazalema or other parts of Andalucia will be like our favourite snack during a route: a piece of cake…


Explore the white villages on your own

Currently available in three languages (English, Spanish and Dutch), our booklets with route instructions will make it almost impossible to get lost during your cycling route in the Sierra de Grazalema (Andalucia). The plastified booklets provide turn-by-turn instructions with the distance, altitude, elevation gain and -loss at each of the points, as well as the total numbers. Furthermore, you can find useful information like details about the longest climbs in the area and a height profile of your route, addresses of bars and restaurants on your way, and where you can find fountains with water that is safe for human consumption. And as if you where cycling with your personal guide, in the booklets we also tell you some background stories about points of interests on your route.

Price: free with bike hire

A route for everyone

Our booklets cover a whole range of cycling routes in and around the Sierra de Grazalema. First of all, we have booklets for a leisurely route of little over 25 km (15 miles) to the nearest village, Villaluenga del Rosario. We also have a booklet for the mountain bike version of that route, which is a little over 30 km (20 miles) in length. Furthermore, there are several booklets with cycling routes of around 40-65 km (25-37 miles) that lead to white villages like Zahara de La Sierra, Montejaque, Benaoján, Benaocaz, El Bosque, Prado del Rey, El Gastor, Montecorto or even the bigger towns of Ronda or Ubrique. Finally, we have prepared route instructions for you to follow the course of the Grazalema Bike Challenge as well.

Grazalema Bike Challenge

This cycling event was absent for a couple of years, but since this 2019 it´s back on the calendar. Many cyclists here in Andalucia and in Spain in general will mark the date in their agenda for the next edition as well, because thanks to its spectacular and very scenic route and the kindness of the local volunteers, it was a very successful renewed edition.

Personalized route instructions

There may be occasions on which your ride does not start and/or finish at the door of our bike shop in Grazalema. You may be doing a point-to-point cycling tour around the white villages of Andalucia, for example, or we may have delivered our rental bikes to your accommodation in one of the surrounding villages. Even so, we can still prepare a booklet with route instructions for you. Just contact us on beforehand to tell us about your starting/finishing point and wishes, and we can make personalized route instructions for you.

In short; our booklets have got you covered for a short and easy routes, very challenging ones, or anything in between, both on and off road. If you follow the clear point-to-point route instructions in our booklets, little can go wrong during your cycling adventure through the Sierra de Grazalema. But just for your peace of mind; one call and we will be there to help you out if you need us…