Routes & Guided Rides

Whether you rent a bike with us or not, we are always happy to help you find the most beautiful routes in this area. We have small booklets with route instructions that fit in the pockets of a normal cycling jersey. They are plasticized, so you don´t need to worry that on a hot day the instructions will become unreadable…

With these instructions you can set out for a ride on any time of the day and you can stop for a drink or lunch at the places we recommend between the instructions, or wander around in the villages you pass on the route and discover new places. The instructions are easy to follow and we are always only a phone call away for back up and assistance.

Price: free with bike rental

If you don´t trust your navigation skills: we offer guided rides as well. Anything is possible, from a leisurely ride to the nearest village on an e-bike, or intense and technical mountain bike routes, to long rides of over 100 kilometers on challenging terrain on the road bike.

We´re not a big company offering daily group rides at a set time and of a set distance, like you may have seen on Mallorca. Instead, we choose to take things one at the time, which enables us to give you the personal attention that you deserve and to adjust the routes exactly to your wishes and cycling level. Your guide knows all the roads and trails like the back of his/her hand, so there is always an option to take a short cut to or to do an extra loop, if you can´t get enough of it.

Obviously, if you have a mechanical issue with one of our bikes while cycling without a guide, it will only need one phone call and we will send somebody to help you out. But with a guide by your side, you won´t even have to get your hands dirty in case of a puncture. Don´t forget: you will still have to turn the pedals round though…


  • 1 person: €40/day
  • 2 persons: €35/day
  • 3 persons: €30/day
  • 4 persons: €25/day