Covid-19 Assurance Policy

Wishing you were cycling in sunny southern Spain? So do we! We feel sad that due to Covid-19 many of you haven´t been able to make the journeys you were planning to do this year, and that we haven´t been able to show you how beautiful the roads and trails around Grazalema are for cycling. However, we do look forward to the future and can´t wait for things to change and for you to come visit us again.

We imagine that you will also be looking forward to making new travel and holiday plans. That being said, we do realize that the situation around Covid-19 remains uncertain. Travel restrictions, (local) lock downs, cancelled flights, and self-quarantine still seem to be every day´s business, and we understand that making decisions about your next journey might feel a little bit “risky” right now.

Therefore, we have adapted our policy on reservations for bike hire, training camps and cycling holidays here in Andalucia. Since the 14th of March, when the first lock down in Spain started, we have been offering a full refund of any monies paid to clients that had to cancel their reservation of bike hire or a cycling holiday here in Andalucia due to Covid-19, and we will continue to do so. If you need to cancel your reservation of bike hire, a training camp or cycling holiday in Grazalema (southern Spain) because of reasons related to Covid-19, then no cancellation charges will be applied and we will give you a full refund of the deposits paid.

We hope that this will give you the peace of mind to start planning your day(s) or week of cycling with us here in Andalucia. The daydreaming about your next cycling adventure, and the combination of physical exercise and good food in a setting of a vast natural landscape and fresh mountain air during your days here, might be a perfect way to maintain or obtain a happy mind in a healthy body. And isn´t that one of the best means of prevention for the situation we are living now?

Contact us to make your reservation, or to obtain more information about the bike hire, private training camps and personalized cycling holidays that we can offer you.

Agnieta (Ana) Francke
Juan Baena
Owners Grazalema Cycling Adventures